Daugavpils Shot Factory

Daugavpils Shot Factory.
The Daugavpils Shot Factory is the only ammunition production factory in the Baltic which is open for tourists and where you can see the oldest shot casting tower in Europe, which is functioning also nowadays


Since the beginnings there produce lead shots and buckshots, seals, plugs and radiation-absorbing components. Today the most important par of products are sport and hunting ammunition.


Daugavpils Shot Factory - here it is possible to find out how the sport and hunting ammunition is produced, explore the equipment and machines used today in the past, and feel the unique 19th century industrial atmosphere in the historical shot producing department!

Daugavpils Shot Factory is one of the most outstanding tourism objects in Daugavpils which every visitor must see! There is no similar in Latvia, in Baltic or even in the whole Northern Europe region.


Visitors write about us!

"An unexpected surprise – open on a Sunday. Very interesting tour with knowlegable guide. Grate to see how they made pellets by hand and shots by gravity. Many Thanks!" Warren Millierd, Norwich, UK. 05.07.2015
"I have visited many museums, but this one is the most authentic and original of all of them! The guided tour was great and we all-learned a lot about the factory and the shot manufacturing process. Wish you a lot of luck!" Guillermo Zaragozo, Spain.
"Thank you very much for the wonderful tour – it was very knowlegable, interesting and exciting, especially going to the tower." Lithuania.

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Daugavpils, Latvija
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