Safety Regulations


  1. Tourists are allowed to move in the territory of the factory only accompanied by a guide. Visitors may only see and visit those rooms and areas which are shown by a guide. The factory is observed by video cameras.
  1. The rooms and equipment of the factory are complied with the 19th century’s requirements therefore many passages, stairs, and other factors may not be suitable for disable people or people who are not ready for steep and narrow stair usage.
  1. During the tour tourists will visit the rooms which contain small details and substances which by swallowing are harmful to health, so tourists should not touch the metal.
  1. It is strictly forbidden to turn-onfactory mechanical devices, throw items into the well, insert items into production equipment or damage the property of the factory.
  1. It is strictly forbidden to expose yourself and others to danger. You should not move the items, approach the holes in the floor of the tower, run, jump, move the stairs rapidly, or do other activities that may endanger the safety of your own or others.
  1. Being in a shooting range use gun carefully, shoot only the targets. Don’t turn the gun away from the shooting area, walk in the shooting area, shoot when someone is in the shooting area. Minors can take the gun under the supervision of an adult.
  1. Before climbing the tower, climber understands his/her physical readiness and capability. If there is a suspicion of health problems, the person is afraid or the head is spinning it is forbidden to clim the tower. When climbing the tower it is desirable to keep to the outer edge of the tower, not to make rapid movements and to keep the distance.
  1. If unforeseen circumstances happen during the tour, if someone feels unhealthy or if you have doubt about your or others safety, immediately inform the tour guide.
  1. Visitors may not leave their children unattended. Parents and group leaders take responsibility for the minors. Safety regulations should be signed by adults.
  1. Persons who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs must not visit the factory. It is not allowed to carry flammable or other dangerous substances.Otherwise, the guide has the right to refuse a tour.

I am acquainted with safety regulations and I agree to comply with them, as well as I take responsibility, which may occur in case if I do not comly with tem.

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Minors for which I take full responsibility:

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